Event Booking and Registration Software

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Event Booking Pro is a complete event booking system with back office administration. Built to be easy to setup on your web server and ready to go with no programming knowledge required.

The dynamic event calendar allows users to browse events easily and book at the click of a button. The bookings are integrated with Stripe & Paypal so you can take payments online or choose to take payment at a later date.

Full Payment Integration

Full integration with Paypal and Stripe. Easily allow for your project and clients to take payments.

Just booking events won’t thrill your client. Giving your clients a super and easy way to get
for event booking and registration will blow their minds.

You know how integrating with third parties takes forever? Well with Event Booking Pro that problem is solved and you can worry about building other features over getting 3rd party JSON posts perfect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Event Booking Pro for?

Event Booking Pro is designed for people and businesses who sell events or those who want to get started selling events online.

What does Event Booking Pro do?

Event Booking Pro is comprised of two parts. The front-end is an events calendar shown to your potential customers which allows them to book your events. The back office is for you to manage your events, check bookings and more.

How do my customers pay for my events?

Event Booking Pro is integrated with Stripe and
Paypal allowing you to take credit card payment directly on booking.

Can I customize Event Booking Pro?

Yes! You can customize the layout and text in the back office. You can also easily customize and completely redesign the website however you like as we provide all the code on purchase.

What if I get stuck or something doesn’t work?

We provide complete support for Event Booking Pro and pride ourselves on customer service. You can always email us or post in the support forums for help and advice.

Is my credit card secure when I purchase Event Booking Pro?

We use
GumRoad to handle payment. GumRoad provides secure SSL encrypted payment handling so your credit card details are protected.

Who created Event Booking Pro?

Event Booking Pro is created and supported by Hearye.io